Connect with and manage your independent service network

You could spend months or years developing a service management system and more time trying to find service providers to add to it, or you can customize the Service Connection platform to fit your needs then browse and connect from an already established network of individuals and businesses that have the skills you're looking for.

Let's Connect

How it works

The Service Connection client account is designed to allow full control over your customer service experience. This account type offers a full suite of field/service management tools and allows you to connect to qualified providers already on the Service Connection platform. Additionally, if you are already working with select service providers that you want to continue to utilize you can on-board your existing providers on to the platform and directly into your client account with a dedicated onboarding link for your company. From there you can dispatch service requests, monitor progress, maintain a comprehensive record of each job, and authorize payment once the job is completed.

Our Network is Your Network

We provide the platform and help you with customization. You manage your service operations with full access to the service providers you want to represent your company.

Field Service Management Features

A job well done starts with having the right tools. Outfit your company and team with some of the best in the industry.

Add Service Request

Create a custom service request with all the information a provider would need to submit an accurate quote.

Dispatch For Quote

Dispatch the request to as many qualified providers as you would like in the area.

Review and Assign

You are notified of submitted quotes, you can review each quote and  select the provider you want to assign the job to.

Provider Quote View

Only the job details and the city and zip code are shared with the provider until they are assigned to the job.

Manage Work Assignments

Detailed information is displayed every job. Tabbed navigation allows for quick access to all of your information.

Approve Payouts then Relax

You review the job details to ensure it has been completed properly. After payout approval Service Connection processes payment.

IRS 1099 Tax Compliance

Service Connection processes all payouts and handles form 1099 collection, TIN match, and end of year filing. You focus on supporting your customers and your products.

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